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Santini Property is a licensed real estate and property management company based in Bali, Indonesia, owned and operated by Day Santini. operating across all the islands in Indonesia. 

With young, seasoned professionals in our fold; our services encompass all facets of sales, acquisition, management and legal representation.

Our focus is to help our clients meet their needs and achieve their goals with little or no stress on their part. Our role is to remove the stress and exceed their expectations, and quickly responsive to dealing with issues for tenants to prevent any potential lawsuits, damage to rental properties, and payment defaults.

we are in business to deliver excellent services to both landlords and tenants and ensures that every property within our care is managed with the highest standards and fully trained and certified in the field of sales and property management  to enable us to excel in our performance.

Beyond sales or leasing to tenants, we value our loyal customer base and offer incentives based on civil merit and create a system where points will be awarded to loyal tenants for redeemable rewards.

Santini Property abides by the Fair Housing Act, and offer equal opportunity to all applicants. 

Day Santini

Lead Agent
As an experienced lawyer you also get expert processing and advice always in your best int ...

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